Brendan O’Farrell joins investLogan Board

  • What led you to join the investLogan Board? 

The role on the investLogan board appealed to me as I wanted to be part of an organisation that has the mandate to drive and improve social and economic conditions for the Logan Community.

  • What unique expertise and insights do you bring to the investLogan Board?

I bring over 25 years of experience in senior executive roles in financial services, and I believe the skills developed here, as well as being responsible for the management and investment success of those organisations will have a direct impact on generating investLogan’s long-term portfolio diversification and investment performance.

  • How does your leadership and investment experience impact the work of investLogan and the outcomes for the Logan community more broadly?  

I believe I have a contemporary leadership style, with a strong belief that collaboration and generating various ideas through a collaborative process can only be beneficial for the opportunities that will arise for investLogan in the years ahead.

  • What are you hoping to see the investLogan Board achieve in 2022?

I’m hoping the board continues to deliver a pipeline of opportunities in 2022  that will further enhance the financial success and community enrichment achieved to date.

  • What do you think are some of the biggest growth opportunities for Logan this year? 

The City of Logan is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia today, and with infrastructure expenditure improving community connectivity there will be numerous opportunities arise. The critical aspect is to balance the risk and return profile of the commercial opportunity against the organisations strategy.  With housing affordability currently being a major issue, I would see this sector playing a significant part in any opportunity moving forward.

  • What’s your one big idea for Logan? 

It’s less of an idea, but more a statement or vision.  investLogan has a highly dedicated and experienced team of investment professionals, so my vision is to be part of a team that can produce both enhanced financial and community outcomes that will make the Logan stakeholders and broader community proud.