Our Priorities

Property Development

Property development activities are the current mainstay of our operation. We continue to focus on a diverse portfolio of development and redevelopment projects that can deliver economic or social and community returns, or both, to Logan.

Our initial property development activities are focussed on underutilised and surplus Council premises. We are playing a critical role in reducing the costs of maintaining the life cycle costs of these premises and resultant impost on the ratepayers of the City of Logan. Our evolution will see us move more and more into the private market, seeking strategic development partners to deliver outcomes for the City of Logan.

Our strategy is driven by the desire to design state of the art, innovative and sustainable places for people to live, work and play. This desire extends to deliver a mix of commercial, community-based and other assets. At the heart of what we do is executing outcomes that enliven communities and create better places and jobs.

Property Acquisitions

Acquisitions and investments of value, which build a diverse asset base, are key elements of our growth plan and long-term vision. Our strategy is not focused on a short-term outlook, but long-term sustainability.

We are in this for the long-haul with a vision to build a highly successful acquisitions and investment portfolio. We understand this requires patience, dedication and ongoing support from our Shareholder.

We are actively investing and partnering in the local market, with local people, to deliver outcomes that build local wealth. This approach will help grow our business organically and strengthen local relationships and the economy.



Social and Community Enrichment

Delivering social and community enrichment within the Logan community is a core consideration in our decision making. We are in the business of maximising our contribution to the Logan community.

We will proactively work to contribute to the Logan community. This may take many forms including providing  a diversity of housing, contributing to public realm works to enliven places, encouraging the provision of goods and services from local suppliers or social enterprises, creating local jobs, facilitating community services and infrastructure in collaboration with the Shareholder and the private sector or participating in community and business activities.

Investing in the social and community capital of Logan creates local jobs and builds reliance. This enables wealth to be retained in the local community creating both direct and indirect benefits flowing into the local economy.



Research and Development

Research creates knowledge, and development turns this knowledge into outcomes. We are committed to take the time to engage with talent to create a workplace culture that encourages research and development. Insight and understanding of the impacts of trends and societal changes in Logan and our business is critical to staying ahead of the curve and will underpin our long-term success.

Understanding the environment we work within will keep us focused on the needs of the local community. Ongoing development of knowledge or understanding gained from research will identify ingredients that will help facilitate future growth, partnerships and collaboration.

We are poised to bring stakeholders together – elected officials, community activists, business people and the community to build our business. Engaging with differing perspectives of Queensland’s most diverse community provides us with the opportunity to influence the economy and actively assists us in understanding the kinds of businesses people want to see and where we can make the greatest community impact.



Economic Development and Investment Activities

We are a Logan business, investing in the future of Logan – its opportunity and its people.

Investing in local activities and economic development initiatives keeps us focused on growing the City of Logan. Our approach involves looking at opportunities to catalyse economic development through cultivating local business and increasing local wealth, whilst keeping an eye on global impacts.

We are committed to supporting and partnering with local entrepreneurs and innovators to deliver outcomes that help build local wealth and our business so we can reinvest in the community.



Partnerships and Collaboration

The challenges we face today are typically complex. A key factor for our future success is fostering successful partnerships and collaborations with our Shareholder, business, community and interest groups in a bid to create increased wealth for all involved. Only through the creation of these partnerships and collaboration with others  can we expand and share our knowledge, expertise and capabilities.

investLogan will continue to look for partnership and collaboration opportunities with the broader Logan community, Chamber of Commerce and other interest groups and local businesses.

We are committed to working with our Shareholder to progress our operations and recognise our reliance on  their support during this investLogan establishment era. Without a partnership and collaboration approach being taken by our Shareholder, our ability to succeed is limited.