Our vision

a leading and innovative entity returning benefits to Logan City through Property Development & sustainable investments that stimulate and enable the city’s economic and social prosperity and wellbeing

investLogan strategically uses holistic design across all aspects of enterprise to deliver better urban environments that make our city easygoing, functional and prosperous.

We contribute to the city’s economic growth, wealth and create social and community benefit through building long term partnerships with private, public and community stakeholders.

How we work

Logan City Council resolved to establish investLogan as a ‘for profit’ entity, tasked with undertaking activities to deliver positive economic outcomes for Council, as the sole Shareholder.

Council identified the key focus for investLogan as attracting investment opportunities and identifying emerging industry trends. investLogan’s overarching strategic objective is to significantly boost economic and social outcomes for the City of Logan.

Governing Legislation

investLogan is a 100% subsidiary of Logan City Council. It was established under, and is governed by, the following key legislation and regulations:

  • Local Government Act 2009;
  • Local Government Regulations 2012;
  • Corporations Act 2001.

As a Beneficial Enterprise of local government, investLogan is classified as a public sector entity under the Auditor-General Act 2009. As such investLogan is audited annually by the Auditor-General of Queensland.

Governing Framework

investLogan understands and embraces the importance of good corporate governance and the vital role it plays in the activities undertaken by investLogan.

Our Governance framework ensures transparency and accountability, and maintains the integrity of investLogan and its operations.

investLogan’s Corporate Governance frameworks and suite of governance documents ensure:

  • effective and efficient delivery and monitoring of strategic objectives;
  • clarity of objectives;
  • clear and effective decision making;
  • productivity and operational efficiency;
  • accountability;
  • transparency.



Corporate Memberships


2022-2023 Annual Report

Code of Conduct

InvestLogan Plan

investLogan Constitution