Deliver better urban environments that make our city easygoing, functional and prosperous.

The heart of what we do

investLogan is focused on developing a portfolio of projects that act as a catalyst for further economic activity in key centres in Logan. The initial focus of the company will be on property-centric projects, however investLogan’s long term vision is to be a spark for broader investment in Logan, whatever the project may be.

We aim to set a benchmark for best practice when it comes to responsible, transparent, high-performing investment. We want to be a part of outstanding projects that demonstrate excellence in design, sustainability, functionality and commerciality.


We aim to set a benchmark

investLogan’s Corporate Plan has identified the following key areas

    • property development,
    • acquisitions and investment,
    • social and/or community benefit and strategic development opportunities,
    • research and development,
    • economic development and financial investment activities,
    • partnerships and collaboration.