Our Independent Board

Our Independent Board

investLogan is governed by an independent Board. No elected officials sit on the Board. Our Board can have up to six Directors and they play an important role in setting the strategic direction for investLogan, consistent with the objects of the constitution, including the annual budget, strategic projects and major financial decisions. All Board members are ratified by the Shareholder and are limited to a maximum term of six years to ensure renewal, refreshment and revitalisation of the Board and investLogan’s direction. The Directors are:

Our Team

Each individual member is an integral cog of the investLogan wheel, all supporting and driving the achievement of our vision. 

We acknowledge that team culture drives behaviours and ultimately the experience of the customer. In recognising that the culture of our team is fundamental to our success, we have made the conscious decision for corporate culture to be an important part of discussions at each and every Board meeting.  

Our team is motivated to achieve our Shareholder’s goals and we believe that we are doing something worthwhile and making a difference to the community and the City of Logan. 

The team objectives are to:

  1. ensure that we have the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs, at the right time;
  2. ensure a strong focus on achieving excellence in outcome delivery; 
  3. focus on outstanding service to our Shareholder and customers;
  4. have a motivated, well-informed leadership team; 
  5. provide learning and development opportunities for all in the best interests of investLogan. 

Our organisational structure is aligned to our statutory and constitutional responsibilities. To support these responsibilities our structure includes a Chief Executive Officer, Company Secretary, Head of Development, Head of Finance, Head of Governance & Stakeholder Engagement, Development Manager and Administration Officer and relies on external consultants for inputs.