investLogan is an independent company with a single shareholder — the Logan City Council. We are committed to transparency and ensuring all our stakeholders have confidence in the way we enter into contracts and deliver projects.

Managing Expectations

investLogan provides a comprehensive, publicly-accessible report on its activities every quarter. When we acquire land from Logan City Council for our projects, it will always be on full commercial terms and at market rates.

All investLogan procurement, delegation and reporting procedures have undergone a full independent legal review to ensure they go above and beyond Queensland Treasury requirements.

investLogan’s Governance Framework strives to ensure:

  • effective delivery and monitoring of strategic objectives;
  • clarity of objectives;
  • clarity in decision making;
  • productivity and operational efficiency;
  • accountability;
  • transparency.

Managing Risk

Risk management is an essential element of effective governance, development and planning that is incorporated into all investLogan’s activities.

To ensure the highest possible standards of risk management, investLogan has established:

  • a Risk and Compliance Policy (including risk appetite),
  • detailed Risk and Compliance Procedures, and
  • a comprehensive Risk Register.

This framework provides the foundation for designing, implementing, monitoring, reviewing and continually improving the identification and management of risks across investLogan.