Our Role

Together we’re creating a leading visionary design driven entity, bringing investment in the City of Logan and returning benefits to our residents and constituents in a more people centric way.

invest Logan strategically uses holistic design across all aspects of enterprise to deliver better urban environments that make our city easygoing, functional and prosperous.

We contribute to the city’s economic growth, wealth and create social and community benefit through building long term partnerships with private, public and community stakeholders.

investLogan’s role is to undertake activities which will benefit, or can reasonably be expected to benefit, the City of Logan including:

    • tendering, or otherwise approaching the market, negotiating with and appointing developers to assist investLogan to undertake property development;
    • acquisition of and investment in property;
    • development for social or community benefit, or to achieve strategic development objectives for Logan City;
    • research and development;
    • entering into joint venture or other project delivery arrangements to deliver property development projects;
    • identifying and obtaining all necessary approvals required in relation to property development projects;
    • giving guarantees, mortgages or other security over the assets of investLogan, or any other form of security to help facilitate property development projects;
    • negotiating any commercial arrangements relevant to property development projects;
    • taking any other steps, which are consistent with the undertaking property development.