Loganholme Tourism Precinct and Commercial Project

In March 2019 the Queensland Government announced the positioning of the corridor for the future Coomera Connector, essentially a second M1 Motorway between Nerang and Loganholme. 

The alignment of the corridor significantly impacts on one of investLogan’s proposed hallmark developments, the Loganholme Tourism Precinct.

This decision means that investLogan can no longer deliver on its vision for the Loganholme Tourism Precinct, which would have started with the Tunnel Vision Surf Park that was scheduled to commence construction in March 2019. The Tunnel Vision Surf Park was anticipated to attract an estimated 350,000 visitors a year to Logan and create an estimated 44 jobs. It also means that investLogan cannot partner with local businesses to deliver the tourism infrastructure that is in significant demand in the City of Logan, including short-term accommodation, a riverside hotel, a riverside parkland and cultural and environmental facilities.