investLogan calls for Logan businesses to join the investLogan Business Register

investLogan is calling for Logan businesses to apply to become a part of the investLogan Business Register.

Chairman Steve Greenwood said developing the investLogan Business Register was another way that investLogan could foster economic growth whilst delivering social and community benefit in the City of Logan.

“The purpose of the investLogan Business Register is to ensure that Logan businesses are being given ample notice and opportunity to work on projects in the City of Logan.

“We would love to see Logan businesses selected for projects for not only the economic growth it brings to those businesses but the auxiliary benefits to those employees who most likely live in the City of Logan and the secondary businesses that they also engage with and from which they would source materials and services.

“investLogan wishes to ensure that our procurement practices weight local suppliers over large national firms, where possible,” Mr Greenwood said.

investLogan is calling for businesses to apply in industries such as:

  • Building & Development
  • All Industry related trades
  • ICT
  • Office related service contracts
  • Financial services
  • Industry Consultants
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Architect/Design
  • Corporate Catering
  • Office Furniture
  • Town Planners

For more information or to receive a Logan Business Register application please contact [email protected]