Senior Development Manager Leo Primus

  • What experience do you bring to the investLogan team?

Prior to joining investLogan, I’ve spent the last 15 years in the property development and investment sector in both listed and non-listed portfolios spanning Australia, South-East Asia, and Europe.

I also currently serve as a non-executive board advisor to a Tel Aviv based private equity fund focusing on automation and artificial intelligence technologies.

  • What would you view as the most significant or impactful development project you’ve been involved in and why/how?

The Ipoh – Padang Besar Electrified Double Tracking project in Malaysia.

The opportunity to work on this project demonstrated the critical role infrastructure plays in the modernisation and efficiency of economies. Experiencing first-hand the impact reliable, environmentally sound, and cost-efficient modern infrastructure has in activating and connecting communities has been a career highlight.  

  • How do you feel investLogan’s role as a design-led and social-driven developer impacts the Logan community?

It is no secret that housing, and business affordability is beginning to impact most communities throughout South-East QLD. Being part of a team that’s actively making investment and development decisions from a design led, social-driven philosophy balances the ESG scorecard and helps deliver affordable housing, equitable commercial and mixed-use development options to the Logan community.

  • What is your vision for investLogan’s development arm in 2022 and onwards?

Utilising the development and investment expertise of the investLogan team, the vision is to construct a project pipeline delivering development and investment which generates social, environmental, and economic value to the community and stakeholders of Logan.

  • What opportunities do you see for the development industry more broadly within Logan?

As South-East QLD continues to grow, demand for affordable housing options and supporting amenity will see Logan grow at a consistent pace for the foreseeable future. Through this population growth, I see a lot of opportunity from business investment in the Logan economy as evidenced by success stories LSKD, Go1, Black Sky Aerospace, Caribou Lighting, and Innov8 Logan.

Logan is also a richly multicultural city, home to some 217 nationalities and cultures. As Logan continues to mature and gentrify, this diverse mix of nationalities and cultures provides unique opportunity for Logan to cement itself as a cultural hub in South-East QLD.

  • Outside of work, what are you passionate about?

Travel & sculpture! We live in an incredible world with no shortage of spectacular places to see or adventures to be had. The opportunity to experience and engage in conversation with people from different cultures has always appealed to me and being a polyglot certainly helps fuel this wanderlust. When I’m not travelling, I spend as much time as I can in my studio beside our house carving or sculpting wildlife vignettes – a lot of these pieces are recreations of photos or memories from our travels.