Embracing business change and grabbing new opportunities

investLogan’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Anthony Jones was invited to speak at the Logan Chamber of Commerce Business and Networking Breakfast earlier last week at the Meadowbrook Golf Course.

The event focussed on the benefits of business change and how businesses can adapt to new opportunities that comes with Logan’s transforming market.

Mr Jones spoke about the economic opportunities in relation to the development industry, specifically within Logan.

“Logan’s population is growing at 1.9 percent annually, which equates to more than 6,000 new community members each year,” Mr Jones said. 

“If we are talking about 6,000 new residents, who will need around 3,000 new dwellings, they’ll also be needing things such as furniture, white goods, brokers, conveyancers, accountants, dentists, doctors, groceries, fuel, and the like.

“Meaning, there are 6,000 more potential customers for small businesses in Logan.” 

“These new residents also bring in additional rates revenue and infrastructure charges, which contribute to delivering more services and infrastructure across the city.

The event inspired conversations about getting businesses change ready, with speakers and attendees sharing how to successfully plan for and achieve change to provide businesses with a competitive advantage.

Mr Jones was also able to share about investLogan’s delivery of The York, a seven-storey mixed-use commercial building in Beenleigh, that will be a catalyst for future investment in the City.  

“The York, for example, is forecast to deliver nearly $40 million in benefit to our community, and it’s value like this that will provide confidence for others to do that same,” Mr Jones said. “There is a big focus on the economic challenges across the country, but when we remember what’s going on in our own backyard, and the opportunity that comes with 6,000 new customers each year, it puts the economic challenges into perspective.”