Building Inclusive Communities

investLogan is dedicated to delivering social and community benefit in the City of Logan. Recently, Logan based young entrepreneur and the co-founder of the charity accessibili-t Kathryn Lyons joined investLogan for a boardroom lunch to discuss what makes a community inclusive and how the City of Logan could improve on current infrastructure and amenity to support residents and visitors living with disability.

Ms Lyons’ vision is to empower and enable people globally, beginning with better access for those living with disability.

“An inclusive community is about creating positive connections, often bonded together by a common identity and sense of being valued,” Ms Lyons said.

“Whether at work, home or play, people need to belong. Living in a community that is diverse and inclusive is important for all,” she said.

Ms Lyon calls attention to not only the social aspects of building inclusive communities, but the important financial aspects as well.

“We need developers to be pioneers by setting new benchmarks in developing inclusive communities and Governments who will be brave in creating new standards,” Ms Lyons said.

“Twenty-two per cent of those living with disability have mobility issues, add to this the over 65’s group and people who acquire an accidental injury, there is a huge void in the market.

“The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is investing in the housing boom. The Federal Government has committed over six billion dollars towards supporting 10,500 people with housing. This is an untapped market that offers potential financial gain for investors in the development sector,” she said.

accessibili-t is a not for profit organisation whose vision is to achieve an authentically inclusive world, one in which all people participate equally and independently.

Working with state and federal governments and global humanitarian organisations to change and create legislation, to improve regulations, to change building codes, to amend charters, and to create new Australian and world standards, accessibili-t is leading the way in universally designed environments.